About Us

Job descriptions:
1) Responsible for extending overseas market and developing new customers by use of network and display platform; responsible for research, usage and summation of promotion means via network and display.
2) Responsible for timely reply for inquiry from new and old customers, calculation of unit price, undertaking, releasing, follow-up and quality check of order forms, and assistance of shipping department for successful shipment upon production;
3) Responsible for after-sales payment recovery, delivery of receipts and after-sales customers’ services;
4) Responsible for making of marketing potential research and quarterly analysis report on marketing condition;
5) Responsible for set-up of the company’s reputation and elevation of the company’s image.
Job requirements:
1. Major in English or international trade, CET 6 and above; candidates major in chemical engineering with good English are preferred;
2. Fluent in English and competent to exchange with foreign customers;
3. Over one year of experience on foreign trade and ability to develop customers;
4. teamwork spirits, competitiveness and intense desires for success;
5. Active pioneering spirits and adamantine implementation ability; independent work competence sufficient job responsibility and good motivation and learning ability;
Contact person: Manager Wen  13305360288
Address for interview:
Get off at Yakang Pharmacy Stop of Bus Line 5, walk for 400 meters to the north, take a turn to the east, and walk for 50 meters to get to Huakang Office.
Get off at Xiangtai West Street Road Junction Stop of Bus Line 4 or Bus Line 41, walk for 50 meters to the east before getting the destination of Huakang office lying in the northern direction of the road.
Room 610, Block A, Wanda Square, Fushou, Kuiwen District, Weifang
Salary: RMB 4000-6000
Working place: Weifang
Date: July 22, 2016
Job nature: full-time
Experience: Not restricted
Academic degree: not restricted
Number of employees: 3
Type: Foreign trade/trade manager/director